Cloud PBX

Connect all of your offices and remote workers to one phone system

Auto Attendant

Save time and provide better service by enabling your customers choose where to direct their call.

Extension Dial

Use short extensions to dial internally within your company, even across multiple locations.


Centralize all of your locations into one phone system, one phone bill, one support contact.


You can find our code well organized, commented and readable.


As you can see in the source code, we provided a comprehensive documentation.

Day/Night Mode

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Choose your pricing plan (Unlimited support!)

€ 69


1-10 phones

1-3 phone numbers

300 min included (5h)

Unlimited FREE Support

€ 129


11-30 phones

1-10 phone numbers

600 min included (10h)

Unlimited FREE Support

€ 199


31-60 phones

1-15 phone numbers

1200 min included (20h)

Unlimited FREE Support

Included in all plans

Never deal with the phone company again! We provide a fully managed solution for our customers which includes the phone system, support, and phone service.

 Unlimited phone system support

 Unlimited phone system features

 Unlimited physical locations

 Unlimited simultaneous calls


Choose your phones

Download our list of recommended phones and accessories



Here are some answers to common questions about our Cloud PBX

What payment services do you support?

We accept checks, cash, and all major credit cards.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Cancelling your plan comes into effect the following month.

How long are your contracts?

No contract required. You can cancel at any time. No cancellation fees.

Are the cost of the phones included with the subscription?

No, but we help you choose which phone models and accessories work best for your business. We give you the option to purchase them outright or rent to own. Download our phone pricing sheet for more info.

Do you offer XYZ phone system feature?

Yes, just ask! If you’ve seen a phone system do it, we most likely offer it.

What if I need to upgrade or downgrade my plan?

It’s quick and easy to switch between our different pricing plans, just let us know. There is no fee.

What if I have more than 30 phones?

Our pricing plans reflect the needs of most small businesses, but if your business exceeds 30 phones or doesn’t fit into one of the boxes, just let us know and we can make a custom quote for you.

What if I need more phone numbers?

Additional phone numbers can be added to your plan for €5/month each.

What if I go over the included minutes?

Not to worry, there are no overage charges. It’s just €0.05/minute for the extra minutes.

Other questions?

We’re always available at