Server Support

Windows and Linux servers; working the way you want them to

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Server Support

Need help with a server? Our remote support software makes it easy to get assistance fast

€75 / hr

for remote support

Windows Server

We support Windows Server 2016 Essentials up to Server 2019 Datacenter. We can setup new users, separate permissions into groups, and help with file shares, remote access, DNS, DHCP, business applications, printers and so much more

Linux Server

We’re supporting our own Linux servers including our network controller, Cloud PBX, NAS, and web servers, and we can help with yours too! We’re experienced with Linux, and many of the open source applications that businesses commonly run on it

FreePBX Server

FreePBX servers need to be upgraded regularly, and special attention must be given to keeping them secure in order to protect your phone bill from hackers. We have years of experience managing and securing FreePBX servers


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