Software Defined Networks

Centrally managed network devices; increased uptime and security

Fully Managed

With our SDN solution, all network devices connect back to a single management server

 Regular firmware upgrades

 Email alerts when connectivity is lost

 Network stats

 Centralized management

Our Pricing


Includes unlimited remote support for a router, switch, or wireless access point

€15 / m

for one network device

Awesome Hardware

We use enterprise grade network equipment. It’s reliable and also looks great


Spotty wireless signal? We’ve got you covered. Lets identify coverage areas and make a recommendation for the number of access points needed to get high speed connectivity to every area of your business.


Our switches can supply power to VoIP phones, security cameras, and wireless access points, eliminating the need for power cables. Switches connect all of your wired devices like desktops, printers, and servers, to the network.


A security gateway, also known as a router or firewall, connects your business network to the internet. Our firewalls can also provide remote connectivity to your servers for users on the road or working from home.

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